With this being our last Sprint of the year, we wanted to try and get our last issue (APTS-254) dealt with – this issue being the one in regards to the Viral Load Pop-up reminder. However, right off the bat, we ran into more problems that we needed clarification on. We were able to get the code for the ETL Rest Server and looked into. Our team was able to find the file in which the reminders where generated, but we were unsure how to go about coding it. The way that the issues was phrased could mean all we needed to do was make a pop-up appear in Angular, but it could also be that we needed to work on the ETL backend. On top of this problem, we also could not get the ETL server to work locally on our computers. This means that we couldn’t see how the reminders and pop-ups worked, so we couldn’t see the issue or troubleshoot our code to fix it.

After coming to these conclusions, our team decided to message AMPATH for more clarification. A day later they got back to us saying that they would make a test2 ETL server that we could work on. However, we were never able to work on this server due to the fact that our Sprint ended before they could get back to us. I think what I’ve learned from this is that clarification should be addressed at the end of the previous Sprint. That way you can go back into your next Sprint with those problems already resolved, and it gives the team the ability to set fresh.