For Sprint 5, our team decided to split into two groups of three people that would each work on their own issue. During this time we also looked into the other issues that were available to us and what we would be comfortable doing. Sadly for a good chuck of this Sprint I was away, but, due to my teammates keeping me up to date on what was going on via Slack, I was able to do some work while volunteering. I found out that they had chosen to work on the issue labeled APTS-254. The description for the issue was stated to be “User are requesting when a patient switches to 2nd Line the Viral Load Pop-up reminder should not pop until the patient has used the 2nd Line Regimen for 6 months.”

After pulling new changes that were made to the code, I started to look into the code and see if I could recreate the issue. I was unable to figure out anything on my end, so, when our group next met up, we tried to recreate the issue. However, we were not able to find where this “2nd Line” was or how to get a “Viral Load Pop-up reminder”. After that class we decided to ask for more clarification on the issue and steps to re-create it. Near the end of our Sprint, we were told that this issue would be found in the ETL Rest Server. After forking and cloning the repository, I tried to get it to work to re-create the issue, but I ran into some issues while doing that. At the start of the next Sprint, we plan to see if our team can re-create this issue in class and then start looking at the Rest Server code to see if we can identify where the problem is.