For our fourth Sprint for the OpenMRS AMPATH project, our team came together and talked about how to tackle the issue in the Ampath system; which was called NGPOC-185. Since we had already figured out what we had to do, we broke up the issue into sections and told each team member to look into what needed to be done and pick which section they wanted. This took a lot longer than it should have due to snow storms, multiple people being sick, and spring break.

The part that I decided to select for fixing the issue was creating a pop-up box that would confirm if a user wanted to leave a page if they were in the middle of editing a form and pressed the logout button. For this I looked into the Materialize CSS framework that Angular 2 uses. One of my teammates was helpful enough to post this link in our Slack channel so that I could read up on it. However, over spring break, one of our teammates found out that we had miss interpreted the issue that we had been given. Due to this, it seemed that I no longer needed to look into Materialize since there seemed to already be a box that popped up for this. The issues instead seemed to be that even when people pressed logout from a form that they were editing, they weren’t properly returned to the login screen. We had misunderstood because we were on the wrong form page. This realization made the issue a whole lot easier and less intricate than our team originally thought. (Moral of the story always ask for more clarification and find the specific page they found the issue on.

After finding this out, we decided at our end of Sprint review to make it so that only 2 or 3 teammates work on this issue, and have the rest of the team make pairs to pick other issues to work on at the start of the next Sprint.