In Week 3 of my Software Development Capstone, we finished up our Sprint and focused on doing the Sprint review and retrospective. First we rated each team member on a scale of 1 to 3 – 1 being “Needs Improvement” and 3 being “Excellent” – on how well they preformed certain things during the Sprint; like communication, completion of tasks, etc. Overall our team went easy on one another for the first round since everyone was still getting the hang of doing the daily scrums and what we defined as “commitment.”

After that we did the overall retrospective of what our team could do better on in the future and also put items on the product backlog to address in the next Sprint. Again we didn’t go too far into the retrospective since we didn’t do much work besides go over the Angular 2 tutorial and read some of the Advanced pages about Angular. We did go over small things that we wanted to put on the Sprint Backlog such as making a proper definition of “done” for the team, and also setting up a priority list so we know how long certain tasks will take.

Overall it seemed to make sense to go easy on this first Sprint review/retrospective so that all team members have a baseline for how this will go. Once we have code and actual projects to work on, our team plans to go more in depth about giving reviews for people  and also take a bit longer with our retrospective about what our team could improve on in the future.