In the third chapter of Clean Coder by Robert Martin, he talks more about making sure that you are clear about what you plan to do. Even though this chapter is titled “Saying Yes”, it’s more about how to make sure you can say yes and what it means to say it. A lot of this chapter is common sense and builds upon chapter 2. Basically that if you’re a professional you want to make sure you stick to the schedule you’ve set up for yourself and your team. Make sure that you stick to the deadlines that you have proposed and don’t agree to any extra work that you know you are not able to do. Also if you say you are going to finish something by a certain date, you are agreeing to be done by then and not “sort of” done. If you run into obstacles that may delay you and, in turn, the project, make sure to let your team or boss know immediately to figure out a plan. (This last part is covered in chapter 4, but feels like it should have been included with the part about commitment.)

In chapter 4, Martin discusses things that may impair your ability to code and how to deal with them. Again this chapter boils down to make sure that you take care of yourself, mentally as well as physically, and don’t ignore the fact that you work in teams or pairs. With most of this chapter, I agree with Martin. I find it hurtful for what I’m working on if I’m worried about something else or if I’m up really late at night. Since most everything you do is within a team, you don’t want to ignore them by being in “The Zone”; I know that I get rude when I tunnel vision into something. The only thing I don’t agree with is music. I sometimes find it helpful to put on music that is relaxing and has no lyrics, but when I really need to concentrate I turn it off. The last main thing that I agree with is helping one another. I have learned so much more from someone showing me how to do something or teaching someone else to do it. Programming is no longer something that is done purely by oneself, so helping and communicating to your team is an important part for one’s career.