For the first week of the Software Development Capstone we mostly focused on setting up teams that we will be working with for the rest of the semester. This was done by having one person voted in as a Team Recruiter and them being able to pick who was going to be with them. After everyone had a team of six, joined our class on Slack and then created a channel for our own team. Luckily, I have had experience with slack before and know how to use it so I didn’t have to do much reading about it.

We then moved onto learning about OpenMRS and AMPATH which is the specific project we will be working with. OpenMRS is a client-server application that allows people, with no previous programming knowledge, to build a medical records system. This is so that these systems can be easily built in developing countries. AMPATH is one of these medical record systems that is based out of Kenya and helps with numerous medical needs from disease to abuse.

On the software development side of things, OpenMRS uses three languages for their application. For the OpenMRS Platform they mainly use Spring MVC and Java EE, and for their ORM they use Hibernate. With most of their front end stuff they use Angular 2. For our group project, we were told that we’d mostly be working with Angular 2 so I started reading up on some basics about it and just going through simple tutorials. (For right now I’m just reading through this tutorial, but I noticed more on other blogs and hope to get to them this weekend.) I’ve done some small things with Javascript so I’m looking forward to learning how to work with Angular 2 in this up coming project!

If anyone else is interested in learning about OpenMRS or AMPATH, here are links to their sites:
OpenMRS Main Site
AMPATH Main Site
OpenMRS Developer’s Guide