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In his article, Rohit Sharma goes over the top five most common mistakes users have made when using automation tools for testing.

The first item on his list is when testers “think of automation testing as little more than record and replay.” He goes on to say that proper automation testing is done when a tester has customized the generated script for their specific needs. Sharma also mentions that the record feature should only be seen as an outline and not as the finished script.

Second on the list is when testers do not validate the scripts that they are using. Sharma suggests that using checkpoints, at as many places as possible, can help to remedy this situation.

The third thing is that you don’t want to just validate your visible components when testing. Anything that happens on the back end should also be checked to make sure that your script is properly validating it (the two examples that Sharma gives are communications to a database, and making sure a file was automatically created properly).

Fourth on the list is making sure to remember that automated testing cannot replace human testing. Sharma states that “automation is a great way to augment your testing efforts,” but automation testing only works well “when you know what to look for.” In the case that he states, you could have a web page that generates unreadable text, but, unless you have someone looking out for that, you are unlikely to find it with automation testing.

The last item that Sharma talks about is making creating “inappropriate test cases.” He points out that there are multitudes of paths that a user can use in your application so trying to test all of them would waste time. Instead, try to figure out how to “condense all possible paths to a small sample of highly representative test cases,” so that it covers the majority of your user’s activity.