Full Article by Pavel Novik

In this article, Pavel Novik talks about the phenomena known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and goes over the importance for companies to properly tests the software that is used by these products.

Pavel Novik points out that many companies use IoT products, but more than half of them “do not have a software testing strategy for this specific aspect of their IT infrastructure.” However being able to test certain devices can be an issue, Novik points out, if the company only sells the application for running the devices because they might not be able to have all the products on hand to tests. Novik suggests that companies that are in this position to find out which devices their customer base buy the most, and then limit their testing to those products.

Novik then goes on to talk about what areas should be tested when it comes to IoT devices. The first one that he suggests is security; making sure that no one is able to steal personal information from the devices, and also prevent attacks from happening which may lead to accidents. The second area is performance; this is to make sure that all the data that is being sent between these products without fail even when some sort of disruption takes place. The third area Novik points out is functionality; this is testing “to verify that the application functions meet all the functional requirements,” and that testers should “strive to go beyond general test scenarios, and consider body movements, voice commands and sensor utilization when writing test cases.” The fourth and last area that’s cover is compatibility; covering this area while testing will make sure the product works with other versions, devices, and systems that it you may encounter further down the line.