Platform-led Testing by Lakshminarasimhan Rajabather

In this article, Rajabather goes over the positives of using platform-led testing to help with automation across all the stages of the software development life cycle. The first advantage that he lists for using this approach is that it cuts down on the cost and time to use assurance across the development’s life cycle. This is also positive to businesses since their goal is to minimize cost and time, and maximize quality.

Rajabather points out is that platform-led testing makes sure that the software is constantly being checked and validated at every stage of development. This is able to be done because, as previously stated, it is now possible to have software assurance constantly being implemented through the entire life cycle. Platform-led testing also works well with Agile development because it “promises quick sprints, rapid sign-offs and a measurable transfer of value from one sprint to the next.”

The last two advantages of platforms that Rajabather lists show that they are beneficial to businesses. He states that platforms allow businesses to build upon both industry and third party analytical tools which makes it so that the tools can be customized to fit a certain need. The last benefit is that platforms are not “restricted only to the requirements, design or execution stage of the lifecycle.”

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